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I've selected Nine Articles that I think you should read. Earn your Ph.D. badge, and we'll review your site for free.

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Experts Writing On This Blog

John Ekman

John Ekman is the Chief Conversionista of Conversionista! He is regarded as a Swedish authority on Conversion Rate Optimization. According to John, a Conversionista is someone deeply and crazily passionate about improving Conversion Rates. You can find more inspiring posts on John’s own blog on Conversion Rate Optimization. (Swedes will find John’s tutorials on konvertering and konverteringsgrad highly useful). Follow John on Twitter @conversionista.

Kathryn Aragon

Katharyn Aragon is the editor of The Daily Egg and publisher of the C4Report. She is committed to helping businesses communicate, connect, convert...and capture their market. Follow her on Twitter and Google+.

Simon Campbell

Simon Campbell, a writer from Qwaya, a Facebook ad campaign tool. He writes about social media. If you have more social media marketing questions, feel free to ask Simon on Twitter @SimonXCambell.

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I've selected Nine Articles that I think you should read. Earn your Ph.D. badge, and we'll review your site for free.

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Latest Articles from our Conversion Blog

The Future of Content Marketing-Michael Brenner [INFOGRAPHIC]
Michael Brenner-Ascend Summit 2014-Future of Content Marketing-thumb

Michael Brenner has four kids. That violates my rule of parenting: “Never let them outnumber you.” He seems to be handling things fine, and even made the kids a part of his inspiring Ascend Summit presentation “The Future of Content Marketing.” Michael …

Use Google Analytics to Win at Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]
Click to Enlarge

Can Google Analytics help those of us that aren’t “mathy”? Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media thinks so, and gave us a great primer in his Ascend Summit presentation Advanced Blogging and Multichannel Analytics. Fortunately, I was there taking notes for al …

Google Analytics Setup Basics [Audio]

We have a recipe for setting up Google Analytics when we take on a new client. A few simple things can make all the difference. Like naming your Views so that you can find the right one easily. Or adding a RAW data view so that you can effectively “bac …

5 Fastest Ways to Generate Leads Using LeadPages [Review]
5 FASTEST WAYS To Generate Leads Using LeadPages

LeadPages offers features that we are finding very valuable for generating leads, especially for an inbound, content-driven program like ours. However, the free account is probably not going to offer the support and features that you need. …

How to Present a High-Converting Value Proposition [CASE STUDY]
iMagnetMount Featured Image

The most important part of your website is your value proposition. Find out how to communicate it in words and images. Too often, we confuse our tag line with our value proposition. For a website, the value proposition is the critical message that asks …

Mobile Advertising [INFOGRAPHIC]
Everything-you-need-know-about-Mobile-Ads thumb

The folks at have put together a very complete infographic on mobile advertising. We like articles and infographics that support their findings with research and case studies. One thing we’d like to put a fine point on is this: For …

What are You Really Selling on Your Landing Page? [CASE STUDY]
Landing Page Thumbnail

What is your landing page selling? You can answer this question in one of three ways: It’s selling what I promised in an ad or email It’s selling my company and its services All of the above The right answer is number one. Number two is an About Us pag …

Communicate More Creatively with Analytics
Enhance Creativity Analytics Thumb

People sometimes confuse us with robot-like scientists, being lead by data and caring little for the creative side of marketing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Podcast: Download (Duration: 10:03 — 13.8MB) Subscribe to the Podcast If you …

Rand Fishkin Cracks the SEO Code in 2015
Rand Fishkin-SEO in 2015-Business of Software USA 2014-thumb

I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing Rand Fishkin speak at Business of Software USA in Boston. As former head of, he’s a guy who knows his stuff when it comes to SEO and search marketing in general. So I captured a live instagraph infograp …

The Formula That Makes LeadPages A Lead Generation Force

In this webinar Brian Massey sits with Tim Page, Conversion Educator At LeadPages who discusses the success of LeadPages and how the company processes over 3 million email optins each month. Click to play the Webinar It’s no surprise that after 12 year …

Grow Your Email List With These Recommended Tools
Top Email List Building Tools

How do you grow your email list quickly and effectively? Do you advertise on social media, use special list building software, or do you pray to the lead generation gods for better, quality leads? How many tools do you really need to list build? Maybe …

How Homeaway Shifted to a Testing Culture [INFOGRAPHIC]
Homeaway Thumb Image

Team, tech, process and scale: these are the primary components shared by Tania Shershin of Homeaway at the Which Test Won Live Event in Austin, Texas. We captured the high-points of her presentation live in this instagraph infographic. If you want to …

10 Customer-Delighting Checkout Usability Techniques
Shopping Cart Image-Caption

There are many good reasons for shopping online rather than in person. But, even for those who regularly navigate the pitfalls of the Internet rather than the crowds at the malls, there are some frustrations that send customers screaming into another r …

29 Marketing Experts Speak Their Mind At One Conference
Facebook Ad UnGagged

Why would conferences require their speakers to “behave?” What are show management and show sponsors concerned about? Why do many shows want to review slide decks prior to the show? You can find out what happens when these protections are removed at th …