Sunday, April 20th, 2014

A New Kind of Marketing Battery: Google’s New Smart Lists

Marketing Batteries: These are powerful online devices that can actually store attention. Marketing batteries get charged up on the attention that you pay for by running ads, by investing in SEO, by doing press releases, by blogging, by creating webinars. All you have to do is tap into them after they are charged. Customer Batteries contain […]

Science: It’s Not Just for High School Anymore

In his blog post announcing a new version of Visual Website Optimizer, Paras Chopra makes it clear that they want to bring the scientific method to online marketers. You can get the tools. Who is sitting in your chair? We’ve been doing this since 2006. Paras says, “” He also says something that I think […]

Heartbleed Has Taken Trust Away from Your Website

We have begun tracking the Heartbleed Bug across the Internet, and wanted to update you with information to help you minimize the impact on your conversion rate and your sales. The Heartbleed bug is a major setback for ecommerce sites, online services, and subscription sites, even if your site is not affected by the bug. […]

What is Your Basic Unit of Upside?

Click for a Conversion Rate Upside Report that does the math for you. This number — The Basic Unit of Upside, or BUU — offers simple insight into the effect of website optimization on your business. Listen My new Marketing land article answers some burning questions for your business. If these questions aren’t burning in […]

Ecommerce March Madness-Time to Start Thinking About the Holiday Season

Every March, the annual college basketball tournament inspires basketball binge-watching behavior known by most as “March Madness”. There’s another kind of March madness. It’s the period of time in which ecommerce companies begin to think about the holiday shopping season again (at least the good ones). “Didn’t we just finish the holidays?” they ask. Yet, […]

My Most Popular Landing Page Presentation LIVE Online

My presentation “The Chemistry of the Landing Page” has been seen by thousands of (lucky?) marketers and business people. I think it’s one of my best. The reason I think it is so popular is that it’s different every time. Each time I do it, I critique a different bunch of actual landing pages. I […]

Our Improved Conversion Upside Report

The Conversion Upside Report tells you what gains an optimization plan would give you. We’ve redesigned our Conversion Upside Report so you can more quickly understand how much you should be investing in website optimization. We’ve used color and short commentary on six different criteria to help you understand where your site is on the […]

The Scent that Increases Online Sales

We test just about everything we can here at Conversion Sciences. We are always surprised by what new technologies teach us about people, even if the technologies aren’t widely available. We’ve been fortunate to participate in a trial of the new oPhone, a device manufactured by Vapor Communications. The oPhone transmits scent across the Web, […]

Conversion Sciences is Now Accepting New Customers

The website optimization market is hot. And why not? The value proposition is pretty straight forward. If you invest in conversion optimization, you get more revenue and leads from your existing traffic. Done right, the additional sales will more than pay for the optimization effort. It’s a capability every online business will have to embrace […]

KISSmetric’s Road Map for a Trustworthy eCommerce Website – [INFOGRAPH]

Every contact a visitor has with an eCommerce website is an opportunity for a business to gain trust and build a lasting relationship. In this amazing infographic, KISSmetrics breaks down how a business can do that, at multiple touch points in the customer lifecycle. Thank you KISSmetrics for the share. Courtesy of: Conversion Sciences Website […]

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