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How to Approach Bloggers about Guest Posting: Dos and Don’ts

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When I first met Brian Massey, I had just attended a presentation he gave about his success with The Conversion Scientist Blog. I learned a lot during the presentation and was impressed by the analytics he shared about the blog’s readership and subscribers. I knew as soon as the presentation was over: I wanted to […]

The Cognitive Biases that Infest Your Website Redesign

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I state that, “” in my September Marketing Land column The Biases that Drive Crazy Decisions. A large part of the column is dedicated to the biases found in website redesigns. These include Pro-innovation Bias, Stereotyping, Overconfidence and Blind-spot Bias. Of these, the most fascinating has to be the Pro-innovation Bias. You can see its influence all […]

9 Website Optimization Mistakes Even Smart Agencies Make

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Marketers have always relied on testing. But let’s be honest. It’s probably only in the last few years that they’ve begun discussing conversion rates rather than golf scores over a beer. The level of measurement and testing that we now have wasn’t even possible in the “old” days. Now that it is, CRO (conversion rate […]

5 SEO Insights Pivotal to Optimizing Your Website for Conversion

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Search engine algorithms are evolving at higher paces than ever before. The frequent updates to these algorithms – especially Google’s search algorithm updates – have made it harder to “game” the system using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This has forced companies to bring at least one SEO specialist on board in order to gain and keep high […]