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The Science of Pricing – From Blog Growth

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The brilliant minds over at Blog Growth posed  an important question recently; What’s the best price for your products?

While consumers think prices are decided arbitrarily, there is a lot of work that goes into determining the price point for a product.

Check out the amazing infographic Blog Growth put together to break down the science of pricing.



To read the whole post, check out Blog Growth.


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  • Mauro D’Andrea

    Cathy, say a big thank you to Brian for sharing this!

    Thank you!

    • Brian Massey

      The infographic is very well done. Thanks for letting us use it.

  • Yassin Shaar

    Awesome. will be putting it into a test.

    Thanks For The Share


    • Brian Massey

      Thanks, Yassin.

  • Mary Peterson Cook

    I had just had this conversation with a friend who I’m helping with pricing! I’ve seen many of these “results” individually, but never altogether like this. Thanks a bunch!

    • Brian Massey

      We’re always glad to be helpful. That’s why we feature content like this.

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