• http://www.shiftfwd.com Naomi Niles

     Love this analysis! I wonder what it would look like for women?

    • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey

      Good question. I’ll ask my “Marketing to Women” Scientist Holly Buchanan.

  • Holly Buchanan

    What would it look like for women?   Similar in many ways,
    I think this sums up why the video is so powerful –
    “when you decide to buy those blades you’re not just shaving – You’re participating in a collective experience designed to enforce your self-image as a strong and active American who thinks “It’s about time”.”
    For women, the secret would be to tap into their collective experience that enforces a certain self-image.   There are SO many things women are fed-up with – so no lack of material.
    But I think one reason why this video is so effective, and a key component for the same type of video for women, is that the “hero” doesn’t take himself too seriously.For me, the funniest part was when he swings the tennis racquet and misses the ball.      It makes him more human.  That would be an essential element for any video for women – that the hero not take herself too seriously.   Women (and men) are more attracted to an imperfect hero.

    • http://www.shiftfwd.com/ Naomi Niles

       Fascinating! Thanks, Holly. I know I’m tired of overpaying for razors too!

      I especially like the idea of the “imperfect hero” you mention. So often it’s the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that help us connect with someone on a deeper level. It’s not totally surprising that it would work with advertising as well, although it goes against logic.

  • http://www.facebook.com/etraining Jeremy Vest

    Great Great Post. I’m getting deep in to why this video speaks to people and really found value in your thoughts. 

    • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey

      Thanks, Jeremy. Please share any additional insights you glean from your study.

  • Chris Hollister

    It was such a great video. Also, the breakdown you gave of some core marketing principles was fantastic!

    The only thing i was disappointed with, strictly from a sales and marketing perspective, was the distinct lack of a call to action at the end.

    I could be wrong here because I just watched the video on your site and it was in the YouTube embed. But why did he not personally ask for the viewer to purchase?

    • http://conversionscientist.com Brian Massey


      Your point is VERY well-taken, and a high-converting video will offer a specific call to action with clear instructions for what to do next. The DollarShave folks may be kicking themselves.

      The only exception to this is if you want a purely image and brand building experience. Only consider this if you have a large media budget.

      What if this DollarShave video hadn’t gone viral? They might be out of business.

      Thanks for the comment.


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