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Twins: Spotting Flaws in this Viral Split Test
It Looks Like a Valid Split Test, but You May Be Missing Something.

Split tests are a favored tool of economists, direct response mailers and website optimizers. The primary challenge when creating a split test is being sure that you’re measuring exactly what you think you’re measuring. As my grandmother used to say, “ …

Use Data from Click Tracking Heat Maps to Increase Conversions
Use Data from Click Tracking Heat Maps to Increase Conversions

I am one of the many people obsessed with increasing conversion rates.  Were you to wake me up in the middle of the night with the word ‘conversion,’ I would probably respond with a long, haunting sigh, “…raaaates.” That’s how much I’ve been possessed …

What if the Mobile Internet Wasn’t Important? [INFOGRAPHIC]
Is this your mobile zombie apocalypse?

If the Zombie Apocalypse struck tomorrow, and the only way not to become the walking dead was to throw away your mobile device, who would be the winners and losers? According to an intriguing infographic, you’d be more likely to be file-swapping on Dro …

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