Thursday, April 24th, 2014

What is Your Basic Unit of Upside?

Click for a Conversion Rate Upside Report that does the math for you. This number — The Basic Unit of Upside, or BUU — offers simple insight into the effect of website optimization on your business. Listen My new Marketing land article answers some burning questions for your business. If these questions aren’t burning in […]

The Inert Gases of Your Low Converting Web Pages: How to Get a Reaction from your Visitors [AUDIO]

Marketers need a common vocabulary and notation for the things we’re doing online. We need to understand the elements that we can introduce and the ways they react with each other. At Conversion Sciences, we stole the notation of chemists. They have a clear notation, like the notation for how vinegar reacts with baking soda. […]

Get Customered: Improving Your Social Media Conversion Rate [AUDIO]

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They friend you. They fan you. They pin you. They follow you. BUT how often to they customer you? How often do they buy, subscribe, or register? How often can you get your fans and followers to convert? When you get customered, your business grows, you gain another social influencer, and you get proof that your social media strategy is delivering what your social network […]

Brian Massey, Beyond the Lab Coat [AUDIO]

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The original Conversion Scientist sat down with host of the Big Value Big Business podcast, James Lynch, to discuss everything from how he makes a terrible employee, to finding your own gimmick, to the inter-workings of a conversion scientist. Some highlights from the interview include: Brian spends a great deal of his time, helping businesses transform […]

Writing Test Hypotheses that Make You Money [AUDIO]

In this edition of the Conversion Scientist Podcast, I discuss the genetics of conversion science, writing test hypotheses that will generate money, and how you can turn your team’s input into something that you can actually test. In my latest article on Marketing Land, I share the steps necessary to help you get the results […]

Landing Page Optimization with Tim Ash

Tim Ash and Joel Harvey talk testing screw-ups and “with and without” tests. Find out if there is a lab at Conversion Sciences called the “QA-tion Station” and how many Igloos Joel has built in the latest installment of Landing Page Optimization on Webmaster Radio. Subscribe

We Are Now in Control of Your Eyes [AUDIO]

Understanding what’s important on any page and then applying some tricks to focus your visitors’ attention is a great way to get what you want and to help them find what they are looking for.

Measure Email to the Dollars and Make Yourself Invaluable

It’s time to stop boring people with how good your open rates and click-through rates are. Tell them what each and every person on your list is worth in dollars by measuring Revenue per Recipient (RPR). When you track the results of your emails down to the dollar, you track your own value down to […]

The Indispensable Marketer

Let’s talk about your career as a marketer. Let’s talk about your power in an organization. Let’s talk about your ability to make things happen in a very real and salary-building way. Marketing is seen as important by CEOs. However, the marketing department is often not seen as important. We are too often seen as […]

Landing Page Optimization with Tim Ash

Tim Ash and Brian Massey talk about finding your customer creation equation in this installment of Landing Page Optimization on Webmaster Radio. My favorite quote from the discussion is, “There’s a big dumb bouncer in your brain.” Thanks for that, Tim.

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