Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Content Marketing Barriers: The Subject Matter Expert Problem

How to tap into the brains of your subject matter experts. As marketers, most of us are not masters of the products or services we are tasked with marketing. Sure, we’re smart and are fast learners. But, we’re relegated to the world of positioning, features and benefits when doing the work of getting the world […]

Guest Bloggers Wanted. Do You Want to Share Your Knowledge with our Audience? – Yes, You Do.

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Have you tested theories and hypotheses? Do you have tangible and remarkable results? Are you ready to share these with educated and enthusiastic readers? Readers who are seeking out articles that will benefit them, their business, and help them shine in their field. Here at Conversion Sciences, we are big fans of statistics and test […]

5 Sure Shot Tips to Help You Convert More Leads

This is a guest post by Jessica Davis at Godot Media. Converting leads through your website is an essential objective for any website owner. If your business relies solely on the performance of your website, then this becomes even more important. For success online, you have to constantly strive toward improving the conversion rate of […]

Content Marketing Traps You Can Avoid

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This is a guest post by Brittney Stephenson of Powered by Search. Content marketing can help your business capture leads and convert them into customers. In fact, after analyzing data from thousands of their software users, HubSpot found that organizations that blog just one or two times a month generate 70% more leads than businesses […]

Want Attention? Appeal to the Egos of Experts with Quotes

I was directed by a Facebook notification to a quotation so important that it deserved its own graphic panel. Clearly, this was a quote that needed to be read. As I read I thought, “This guy and I think a lot alike. Who is this Plato of the conversion world?” At the end was my […]

How a Blogcano Helps Both Sides of the Conversion Rate Fraction

Google keeps tweaking its search algorithms to help them send the right customers to your site. Increase your conversion rate by thinking like a blogcano.

Google Analytics and the Accidental Porn Site

This is a guest post by Susan Lahey of Fishpond Content. Anybody who’s installed Google Analytics on his website can tout all the cool insights it provides: Who visited your site and how they wound up there; which pages they lingered on and which ones send them packing. It’s almost voyeuristic. Every morning with my […]

41 Other Blogs You May Enjoy

The Junta 42 has published their annual (and last) list of 42 top content marketing blogs. The Conversion Scientist is #23, and honored to be among some great sites.

Hot Seat Video: Content Marketing and Conversion

This isn’t your “play nice and listen while the guy reads his content marketing and conversion slides” sort of presentation. Brian Massey is in the hot seat, where everyone is lobbing lit questions from across the room and questioning every word.

5 Landing Page Best Practices for Content Marketing

Don’t let your content marketing go out without a strategy to draw readers back to your site and a landing page to get them to convert – even if that conversion is to get your next content offering.

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