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How to Approach Bloggers about Guest Posting: Dos and Don’ts

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When I first met Brian Massey, I had just attended a presentation he gave about his success with The Conversion Scientist Blog. I learned a lot during the presentation and was impressed by the analytics he shared about the blog’s readership and subscribers. I knew as soon as the presentation was over: I wanted to […]

The Future of Content Marketing-Michael Brenner [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Future of Content Marketing-Michael Brenner [INFOGRAPHIC]

Michael Brenner has four kids. That violates my rule of parenting: “Never let them outnumber you.” He seems to be handling things fine, and even made the kids a part of his inspiring Ascend Summit presentation “The Future of Content Marketing.” Michael says, “Content Marketing has always been about connecting through stories people love.” and […]

Content Marketing Traps You Can Avoid

This is a guest post by Brittney Stephenson of Powered by Search. Content marketing can help your business capture leads and convert them into customers. In fact, after analyzing data from thousands of their software users, HubSpot found that organizations that blog just one or two times a month generate 70% more leads than businesses […]