Thursday, April 24th, 2014

eMarketing Principles: Words that Convert

Persuade with passion. Engage with the unexpected. His face was slightly ashen, and had clearly fallen since he first entered the conference room. I felt a lump in my stomach as he reviewed the revisions to the copy he’d written just a week earlier. I was a bit sick at being part of this, but […]

10 Ways to Know If Your Copy Will Convert Visitors to Customers

You don’t have to be a copywriter to know crappy copy when you see it. If you read this article and then go out and read your Web site, odds are very good that you will be embarrassed. You probably should be, but that isn’t really a helpful response. The proper response is to change […]

Relate to Four, Connect with Thousands

You can connect with thousands of visitors to your site by understanding only four of them. Communicating is connecting. If you’re communicating successfully, each of your readers will feel that you are writing directly to them. I’m going to introduce you to a method of writing that will forge strong connections with your readers. You […]

Zero Steps to Copy That Will Make Visitors Stick

A good writer can create images better than a graphic designer. Whenever we design a Web site, we inevitably ask our graphic designers to give us three comps. Then we, the completely unqualified non-graphic-designers decide which one we “like” best. We might even ask a number of our equally unqualified colleagues to tell us what […]