Web Marketing Patterns

RISEAustin Podcast: Your Key Web Site Strategies

What is your Web site pattern? I’ve boiled down the entire universe of Web sites into five patterns: Brochure, Portal, eCommerce, Considered Purchase, and Site as a Service. So far, no one has been able to identify a sixth unique pattern. Which are you? Here’s the full presentation I gave at RISE Austin, an amazing […]

ConversionCast: eCommerce Site Gradware.com

In this ConversionCast™, we take a look at academic software and hardward eCommerce site Gradware.com, an academic software and hardware eCommerce site. What are the key strategies you want to get right if you’re running an eCommerce site? I offer my opinion in the workshop “Identifying Your Key Conversion Strategies,” which you can listen to […]

ConversionCast: Spinscape.com Site as a Service

If you are building a Web site as a service, you have some important advantages when converting visitors to subscribers. In this ConversionCast™ we review the conversion strategy for online application Spinscape.com. I am a big fan of Spinscape, and got almost immediate value from using it to outline a book I’m currently writing. The […]

Identifying Your Key Conversion Strategies

There are 10,000 online strategies to choose from in the marketing landscape. Will you try them all? No matter how unique your product service or business is, your Web site follows a specific pattern. For each pattern. There are certain set of strategies that you must get it right or you will have difficulty converting […]