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Why Tease Your Visitors, When You Can TEES Them?

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In the world of sales funnels, acronyms rule. There’s the classic AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) and the popular AILSB from Brad Geddes (Awareness, Interest, Learn, Shop, Buy). People have reversed, flipped, twisted, and backflipped the formulas, but for the most part, they stay pretty close to that theme. Surely you think there’s no need for another model. Well Brian does; so he created one.

Brian’s model is TEES, which stands for the following:

Trigger – What is happening in a visitor’s life that has caused them to search your keyword?

Empathy – Helping a visitor understand that you can help them with the problem that brought them to your site.

Education – Help the customer understand their problem.

Solution – Providing the proof that you can solve their problem, and prompt them to buy.

To learn more about Brian’s new funnel, check out his column on Search Engine Land.

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  • Davidcollinsoliver

    This is great. It applies to training and sales. Great tip.