Curated eNewsletter Template

Curated eNewsletter Template

I believe in email, but not every email gets read by my prospects. It is important to increase the frequency of my email contact.

For those in my orbit who are really in the question about online marketing, I offer a curated eNewsletter “For Further Study” that allows them to read what I consider significant in the worlds of conversion, social media, content, and online marketing in general.

You could set one of these up.

I use the Diigo bookmarking service and Mailchimp as my email service provider. You can download a simple two column template to get started. Simply search for [change this] in the HTML file and insert your text.

Mailchimp will walk you through the process of creating an RSS to email campaign from the RSS feed of your favorite bookmarking service.

Download the Conversion Sciences MailChimp Template [HTML]