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To Get Your Conversion Project Approved, Find an Enemy

There’s nothing like an arch nemesis to get the “good guys” motivated and engaged in a quest. If you are trying to get your conversion project approved, consider finding a competitor who seems to be making all the right moves. This is the topic of my new column on Search Engine Land How To Get […]

Review: Landing Page Optimization Second Edition

The new edition of Landing Page Optimization covers lots of ground without being cumbersome.

5 Ways Conversion Makes Winning Look Easy

Here are five ways companies use conversion, search, and testing make winning look easy online.

The Lovely Big Red Button

Today, let’s rejoice in a persuasive gift that brightens any landing page, and has started so many new relationships between a visitor and a business. Ode to the Big Red Button It is a gift both wise and sage The big red button on my page It calls, it beckons without retort “Join,” “Add to […]

If You Don’t Tell Your Kids About Conversion, Who Will?

No parent relishes having “the talk” about conversion rates. No one wants to tell their kids: “Kids, conversion rates are still only around 2 percent” or tell them the naked truth about all the sites out there that were never optimized. Or point out that they’re hanging with the wrong crowd when it comes to […]

7 Marketing Lessons Learned When Naming My New Book

  After nine months of writing, fifteen chapters complete and dozens of columns supporting the effort, you’d think that the easiest thing to do would be to pick a name for my conversion marketing book. As it turns out, this is difficult. So why read a post about selecting a book title? Because, it’s all […]

Holiday Cards that Convert: Joy, Mirth and Gladness [VIDEO]

Will the holiday card we chose convert “Bah Humbug” into the “Love Bug?” Follow along as we express our gratitude to you and show you why we chose the holiday card we did.   We hope we’ve been able to make 2011 a great year for you, since you’ve made it a great year for […]

Landing Pages, Email Frequency and Social Media Conversion: For Further Study

This week I offer articles and posts from the world of online sales conversion including landing pages, email frequency and social media conversion. Subscribe by email.

Tim Ash: Conversion in a Social World [INFOGRAPH]

This Infograph was recorded live during Tim Ash’s presentation “Conversion in a Social World” at PubCon 2011 Las Vegas. Baby.

Steve Krug on Usability Testing at the Conversion Conference [INFOGRAPH]

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Steve Krug gave an inspiring and enlightening Keynote presentation at Conversion Conference NY 2011, and we captured his wisdom using Instagraph technology for your viewing pleasure. Click to Enlarge What is the right conversion recipe for your business? Find out in the free online conversion video, "So What Kind of Website are You Running Anyway?"

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